Fall For Dance North: The Flip Side | Artists-in-Residence


FFDN’s Artist-in-Residence Program invests in the Canadian choreographic portfolio by supporting emerging choreographers. Selected artists are given the time, resources and promotional support to conduct in-depth creation of new work and to realize multiple pathways to performance.

Montreal’s Anne Plamondon was FFDN’s first Artist in Residence when we launched a pilot residency in 2018. Over two years, Anne created the duet, Counter Cantor, a work that premiered at FFDN 2018 and which continues to tour across Canada and internationally, and her first large ensemble work, Fiddle Embrace, performed at FFDN 2019. Fiddle Embrace was created over the course of a year on 18 of Canada’s preeminent BFA students at the Ryerson School of Performance.

The FFDN Artist-in-Residence program helped Anne, a Canadian dancer with a rich and varied performance career, find her choreographic voice. Anne premiered a second ensemble work, Yearning to Make a Difference, for Alberta Ballet in February 2020, which the Calgary Herald called, “an entrancing success.”

"Plamondon is a rising star with a promising career. She already shows impactful skill in allowing ideas and forms to create powerful, unforced narratives, without trying too hard to tell a compelling story. This is a rare gift."

– Calgary Herald, February 15, 2020


Ryerson School of Performance dance students in Fiddle Embrace by Anne Plamondon. Photo by Bruce Zinger.


Anne Plamondon and Belinda McGuire in Counter Cantor by Anne Plamondon and Emma Portner. Photo by Bruce Zinger.

FFDN Announces Artists in Residence 2021-2022:
Natasha Powell and Kimberley Cooper

Dedicated to establishing a new relevance for jazz dance in contemporary culture, Natasha Powell and Kimberley Cooper will work with FFDN and their education partner, The Ryerson School of Performance, to focus on the art and history of jazz dance with a Canadian and global perspective. Work will be created for performance under both the FFDN and Ryerson School of Performance umbrellas.

Natasha Powell, Artistic Director, founded Holla Jazz to reinvigorate jazz dance with its sister dances, including hip hop and house, as innovative and important vehicles for expression. Kimberley Cooper is the current Artistic Director of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, established in 1984 to re-ignite an appreciation and love for the traditional values of jazz dance. By linking artists from Toronto and Calgary, respectively, FFDN is opening a cross-country conversation regarding the history of jazz dance and music, its cultural relevance and the future for the dance form.

As associate artists of the festival, Natasha and Kimberley’s perspectives, research and work will impact FFDN programming, including Artist Talks, Open Studio and Pop Up events. FFDN also looks forward to introducing Natasha and Kimberley to our network of Canadian and international presenters.

“FFDN is so excited and honoured to have Kimberley Cooper and Natasha Powell join our festival family as our next Artists-in-Residence. For the next two years I expect that we will have a ton of fun together digging deeper into the history and future of the jazz dance artform and investing in new creations and presentations, both in Toronto and Calgary.”

- Ilter Ibrahimof, FFDN Artistic Director


Natasha Powell by Kendra Epik.


Kimberley Cooper by Trudie Lee.

"I'm really looking forward to this opportunity for cross-country conversations and collaborations around jazz dance and music, its rich history, and the vibrancy of the jazz community today."

– Natasha Powell

"I’m so excited that FFDN has chosen Natasha Powell and I to be Artists-in-Residence for the next two years. It’s thrilling that FFDN is shining a spotlight on jazz! It’s an honour and a privilege to have this opportunity and all of the possibilities it offers. I’m so looking forward to collaborating with FFDN, Ryerson University, and of course, Natasha, whose work I‘ve admired on video and can’t wait to experience live."

– Kimberley Cooper