Fall For Dance North: The Flip Side | Industry


Since 2017, Fall for Dance North has been a hub for local, national and international presenters to engage with Canadian dance and dancemakers at our International Presenters Program (IPP).

The program has advanced the careers of Ontario artists whose showcases at the IPP have led to appearances at the iconic Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in Massachusetts, to touring opportunities and to additional bookings, such as the national tour and international bookings for FFDN co-commissioned who we are in the dark by Peggy Baker Dance Projects. Between 2017-2019, three editions of the IPP were supported by Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and Canadian Heritage and welcomed approximately 150 national and international festival and theatre programmers.

Currently the IPP is being reimagined with a national focus for the 8th edition of FFDN in October 2022. Until then, we encourage the global arts presenters to explore our current season - with programs featuring more Canadian work than ever - and reach out to us.

Email Christina to start a conversation.

Check out our Industry Chat on Oct. 8 at 1pm here.

Presenters: You may be eligible for complimentary presenter access to the Live Stream. Please contact Jada - FFDN’s Audience Engagement Coordinator for accreditation.



Local presenters

Photo by Zhenya Cerneacov


Choreographer Roundtable

Photo by SVPhotography


Rock Bottom Movement In “hollow mountain” by Alyssa Martin.

Photo by SVPhotography


Kaeja D’Dance In “uncover” by Karen Kaeja.

Photo by David Hou


Networking at Dancemakers’ Showcase

Photo by David Hou


IPP Showcase Audience

Photo by Kendra Epik.


Citadel + Compagnie In “Nuit” by Jean-Pierre Perreault.

Photo by Kendra Epik.


Sara Porter In “Getting to Know Your Fruit” by Sara Porter.

Photo by Kendra Epik.


IPP Showcase Audience

Photo by David Hou.


Choreographer Roundtable

Photo by SVPhotography


Naishi Wang

In “Taking Breath” by Naishi Wang. Photo by Kendra Epik.


IPP Coordinator Odessa Kelebay

Photo by Kendra Epik.


Tribal Cracking Wind

In “Trillionth I” by Peter Chin. Photo by SVPhotography


Esie Mensah Creations

In “Shades” by Esie Mensah. Photo by Ömer Yükseker.


Tiger Princess Dance Projects

In “Wei” by Yvonne NG. Photo by David Hou.


IPP Farewell Dinner

Photo by Vanessa Fortin.


Attempting to take a group photo

At the IPP Farewell Dinner. Photo by Vanessa Fortin.



In “what it’s like” by Heidi Strauss. Photo by SVPhotography.