Fall For Dance North: The Flip Side | Bathtub Bran

Bran Ramsey and Esie Mensah. Photo by Marlowe Porter

Where do dancers go from there?

A bathtub, of course! With the inimitable Bathtub Bran as host, beloved Toronto dance artists talk about their lives and the impact of COVID-19 on their projects. What were they working on? How are they adapting? Hear about their creations and watch video excerpts. Irreverent and off-the-wall, this series of six interviews offers a frank and fun introduction to these artists. One tub, two artists (yes, clothed!), some suds – and the ubiquitous plexiglass COVID-safety shield – bring a dose of humour to the situation.

FFDN reboots this original 3-season web series started in 2014 by Toronto dance artist Bran Ramsey. All episodes are filmed and edited by Owen Deveney, on location in Toronto.



Bran Ramsey


Bran Ramsey is a graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and York University’s Dance program. His education also includes an administrative internship at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and a postgraduate degree in Arts Administration and Cultural Management from Humber College.

In 2011, Bran conceived the YouTube show, Bathtub Bran, in which he interviewed Canadian dancers inside his bathtub. Bran created over 60 Bathtub Bran videos with over 50,000 views and many highly-esteemed professional dancers as his guests. Bathtub Bran was awarded a 2014 People’s Choice Harold Award.

Currently, Bran works full-time as the Manager of Patron Services and Memberships at Inside Out LGBT Film Festival.