Fall For Dance North: The Flip Side | Open Studio

Catch a glimpse of dancers at work. Witness new choreography taking shape right before your eyes. Watch dancers in rehearsal from outside through glass, or from inside via livestream. Curated with Toronto-based artistic advisors Laura Nanni and Vivine Scarlett, this glass box studio reveals a spectrum of exciting Toronto artists and their latest explorations.

Originally created as part of a long-standing partnership with Union Station, this year’s special edition of Open Studio moves down the street to TO Live’s MERIDIAN HALL West Lounge.

All Open Studio rehearsals are 90 minutes in length, viewed live from the MERIDIAN HALL Terrace at Yonge & Front, or livestreamed right here on our website.

Naishi Wang

in collaboration with Lukas Malkoski

Rehearsing Face to Face

Face To Face, a conceptual dance/body theatre duet, is a work in progress, in collaboration with Lukas Malkowski. In an effective face-to-face conversation, we include a combination of these elements: changes in facial expressions, voice tones, body movements/gestures. This project explores the complexity of human emotions in both real space and imaginary digital space by looking at the use of Emojis as a nonverbal form of communication.

Based in Toronto and born in Changchun, China, Naishi Wang began his dance training at Jilin College of Art. In 2006, Naishi joined Toronto Dance Theater for 9 years as an award-winning performer. In 2015, he was inspired to work extensively as a freelance dance artist and is currently developing as an independent choreographer with a belief that performing arts create an imaginary future and push the form of what dance can be.

Lukas Malkowski is a CODA(Child of Deaf Adult), Dance Artist and graduate of Ryerson University. Inspired by social dialogue, physics embodiment, sight and touch, he currently choreographs, teaches, and performs in Germany. He has worked with Staatsballett Berlin, Sasha Waltz, Peggy Baker, Adelheid, Toronto Dance Theatre and Opera Atelier, among others..

Upcoming performances: Face to Face presented by Citadel + Compagnie through Bright Nights (dates soon to be announced)

Goes Live on Oct. 5, from 1:00 PM EST

Photo by Martin Husges

Atri Nundy

Rehearsing Mindful Chatter, commissioned by Anandam Dancetheatre with the support of the Toronto Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.

Mindful Chatter features a trio of Bharatanatyam dancers with the simple idea of finding connection between dancers. Traditionally, Bharatanatyam is a solo art form but with the current trend towards ensemble work in choreography, Atri Nundy is interested in exploring the movement vocabulary of Bharatanatyam further with the intention of emphasizing collaboration and camaraderie.

Atri Nundy trained in Bharatanatyam at Sampradaya Dance Academy under the tutelage of Lata Pada and since completing her arangetram in 2005, continues to work as a teacher at the Academy and company dancer and choreographer at Sampradaya Dance Creations. Career highlights include: Performer in Broken Lines, choreographed by Nova Bhattacharya (NovaDance, Summerworks 2015), Glaciology choreographed by Brandy Leary (Anandam DanceTheatre, 2018) and her own work-in-progress for Wind Down Dance curated by Allen and Karen Kaeja and Michael Caldwell (Kaeja Projects, 2019).

Upcoming performances: Contemporaneity 3.0 - February 2021 (Dates to be confirmed) at Collective Space

Goes Live on Oct. 5, 3:30 PM EST

Photo by Michael Mortley

Swadhi Ranganee

Rehearsing Lenchinaa

Choreographed and performed by Swadhi Ranganee, Lenchinaa is an exploration of gendered aesthetics in Sinhalese dance, mapped against loose contours of a coming-of-age story where the protagonist finds herself, through grace and vigour, restraint and abandon, the commonplace and the magical.
Swadhi is a dancer trained in Sinhalese traditional and folk dance, with further experience in Latin, Jazz/Musical Theatre, and Bollywood dance. While she is interested in exploring contemporary artistic expressions, she is committed to dancing through the vocabulary and idioms of traditional Sinhalese (Udarata and Pahatharata) movement and sound.

Upcoming performances: Lenchinaa at Night Shift, co-presented by Fall for Dance North and Citadel+Compagnie, October 7, 2020 at 9pm at ffdnorth.com

Goes Live on Oct. 6, 10:30 AM EST

Photo by Robert Vibert

Meryem Alaoui and Germaine Liu | Jasad Dance Projects

Rehearsing Solo (not solo) Water Study

Solo (not solo) Water Study is an intimate work, a joyful, quiet, sometimes loud, sensorial celebration of female expression for two performers, one dancer and one percussionist, who play at attempting sound and movement synchronicity, negotiating following and leading and everything else in between, failing with joy and full agency at their respective tasks.

Meryem Alaoui is a Toronto-based Moroccan dancer-choreographer and artistic director of Jasad. Her works, including “Sand Body”, “Solo (not solo) Water Study” and “Back to the End” with NBS principal dancer Sonia Rodriguez, are an invitation towards a softer and more sensorial experience of dance. She’s currently studying Body-Mind Centering®.

Germaine Liu is a composer, improviser and percussionist. Some of her works focus on the tactile, movement, sonic and physical explorations of found objects and percussion instruments.

Upcoming performances: Summer Activations at Wincott Park through Arts Etobicoke, October 9th, 2020, 3-6pm, and Somatic Exploration Workshops

Goes Live on Oct. 6, 1:30 PM EST

Photo By Alvin Collantes

Newton Moraes | Pulga Muchochoma

Rehearsing Ashe

Choreographed by Newton Moraes, Ashe explores how body and language intertwine, using Luso-African movement, with the verbalization of languages such as, Emakhuwa, Changana, Elomwe, Portuguese and English. Ashe affirms a dialogue between contemporary Brazilian technique and the movement vocabulary of Canadian-Mozambican dancer Pulga Muchochoma, with music by Matthew Reid.

Newton Moraes is the founder, artistic director, choreographer and researcher for the Newton Moraes Dance Theatre and his focus includes the examination of cultures and the development of new forms of contemporary artistic expression.

Pulga Muchochoma has been an active member of Toronto Dance Theatre for eleven years under the artistic director Christopher House and has performed in works by renowned choreographers, including Veronica Tennant, Susie Burpee, Peter Chin, Patricia Beatty, Heidi Strauss, Alicia Grant, Jeanine Durning, Ame Henderson, Deborah Hay and more.

Upcoming performances: Ashe at Night Shift, co-presented by Fall for Dance North and Citadel+Copagnie, October 09, 2020 at 9pm at ffdnorth.com

Goes Live on Oct. 6, 4:00 PM EST

Photo by David Hou

Irma Villafuerte

Rehearsing nudoDESnudo

Choreographed and performed by Irma Villafuerte, nudoDESnudo is embodied memories of growing up in postwar El Salvador and the duality of the choreographer’s migrant identity as a Canadian born daughter of Salvadoran refugees. This investigation reveals in never-ending mourning, shifting presence, and the weight of intergenerational grief.

Irma Villafuerte is a first-generation daughter of refugees and dance artist from Nahuat Pipil Territory, also known as El Salvador, based in Tkaronto. She is a graduate of George Brown Dance. She’s performed in various arts festivals across the Americas, such as Dance Matters, The Rhubarb Festival, Aluna Theatre’s Panamerican RUTAS Festival, Panamania 2015, Bienal de la Habana 2015, Vanguardia Dance Projects and International Dance Meeting in Guantanamo.

Upcoming performances: nudoDESnudo at Night Shift, co-presented by Fall for Dance North and Citadel+Compagnie, October 8, 2020 at 9pm at ffdnorth.com

Goes Live on Oct. 7, 10:00 AM EST

Photo by Kevin Jones

Andrew Tay

Leading a collaborative physical experience inspired by Fame Prayer / EATING

Choreographer, curator and DJ, Andrew Tay co-founded Wants&Needs danse with Sasha Kleinplatz, producing the wildly popular dance events: Short & Sweet and Piss in the Pool. He was named the first artistic curator at the Centre de Création O Vertigo (CCOV), Montreal and recently relocated to Toronto to become the Artistic Director of Toronto Dance Theatre.

Using ideas from his recent work Fame Prayer / EATING, and exercises from his workshop The Practice Party, Tay will lead collaborators through a physical experience that thinks about spontaneous composition and emerging energies. Tay is interested in the strategies, support, and care that allow body magic to appear.

Upcoming performances: Imagined Theatres Issue 05: Curating Performance Launch (online) at Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art Australia, Oct 23 8pm EST. Performances of Make Banana Cry (created with Stephen Thompson), touring dates 2021 to be announced soon throughout Europe.

Goes Live on Oct. 7, 1:00 PM EST

Photo by Claudia Chan Tak