Fall For Dance North: The Flip Side | Overview


Mafa Makhubalo in "Dialogue with DNA", 2020 Signature Program. Photo by Bruce Zinger.

We were thrilled to feature the work of 100+ artists, designers and producers across 12 distinct programs during our 6th edition festival, The Flip Side. From Sept. 29-Oct. 18 – extended by popular demand until Oct. 25 – this sleek new website became the stage for our ambitious digitally-driven programming, which received over 35,000 views, listens, downloads and engagements from dance lovers around the world.

2020 saw us at our most innovative. We forayed into new ways of presenting dance we'd previously only dreamed of, from producing a podcast series to crafting a poetry-music album to delving into the world of augmented reality. Covid-19 constraints forced us to be more creative, resilient, and flexible. We engaged with more partners and brokered more collaborations than ever before, attracting a global audience from 51 countries. And a viewership equivalent in size to one sold-out performance at TO Live's Meridian Hall (capacity 3,133) tuned in to our 2020 Signature Program, our only ticketed festival event, underscoring the ongoing hunger for dance!

The Flip Side...

...expanded the understanding of what a dance festival could be:

You did not move FFDN online; you created a festival specifically for the online environment…and it was amazing! There were so many different types of programs…so many different types of dance. I am so glad you extended the festival so I could fit in more.

FFDN audience survey respondent

...inspired festival artists to create:

It was truly so wonderful to have the festival to work on and create during these very difficult times. It was incredible to have the opportunity to be part of it and feel inspired and motivated to create and dance. Thank you.

— 2020 Signature Program Artist

...received glowing critical reviews:

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