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Margarita & Family of Jazz

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An original performance film, featuring Holla Jazz (Toronto) and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (Calgary), celebrating the history and future of vernacular jazz and its sister dances. Directed by Miha Matevzic.

Welcome to the family! Experience the joy of jazz over and over again with the digital capture of this exciting double-bill by Holla Jazz (Toronto) and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (Calgary).

Fall for Dance North continues to invest in high-quality filmmaking with the original broadcast edition of our Toronto performance of Margarita & Family of Jazz to our digital audiences locally, nationally and globally.

Natasha Powell and Kimberley Cooper, the 2021/22 John and Claudine Bailey FFDN Artists-in-Residence, bring us two energetic new jazz works, captured by director Miha Matevzic, an accomplished director and a jazz dancer himself. While Natasha and her all-female cast unveil the world premiere of FFDN-commissioned Margarita, inspired by the lives of chorus girls from the early 1900s, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks offers the Ontario premiere of the gloriously joyful Family of Jazz by Kimberley.

And as Kimberley says, “there’s nothing to get and everything to feel” - so embrace this moment together with us, wherever you are in the world!

Enjoy the digital broadcast of Margarita & Family of Jazz from Sep 30, 7:30 pm to Oct 15.

This is an online digital presentation of an original performance film, created in Toronto and produced by Fall for Dance North.  

All tickets are $7.50 + fees.

Streaming link will be emailed to ticket purchasers a few days in advance of the online premiere, with access to unlimited watching starting from 7:30 PM ET on Sep 30 to end of day Oct 15. 

This event is also part of the Festival Package, which can help you enjoy additional festival performances and save 15%. Festival Packages are available now. 


Performance length: Approximately 90-minutes.

Broadcast program order:

Short interview with Natasha Powell (choreographer) & Sabine Ndalamba (composer), Holla Jazz

Margarita, by Natasha Powell

Short interview with Kimberley Cooper (choreographer) & Rubim de Toledo (composer), Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

Family of Jazz, by Kimberley Cooper