Fall For Dance North: The Flip Side | Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Fall for Dance North would not be possible without the remarkable generosity of our donors. Thank you to the individuals and foundations who supported our 5th anniversary season!

Director's Circle ($25,000+)

John and Claudine Bailey

The Renette and David Berman Family Foundation

Hal Jackman Foundation

Joan and Jerry Lozinski

Gretchen and Donald Ross, O.C.


Benefactors ($10,000 - $24,999)

Delaney Family Foundation

Linda Frum and Howard Sokolowski Foundation

Sandra and Jim Pitblado

Sandra Simpson

Artists’ Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)

Frederick and Anne Conlin

Jeanie Davis

Phyllis and Lou Gordon

Mary and Robert Gore

Karen Green

Michelle Koerner

Elliott Kornhauser

The Honorable Margaret Norrie McCain

Metcalf Foundation

Larry Williamson and Karin Schemeit

Nan and Jack Wiseman Family Fund

Ambassadors ($2,500 - $4,999)

Inger Bartlett and Marshal Stearns

Melissa Forstner and Steven Schwartz

DH Gales Family Foundation

Maxine and George Goldberg

The Lindy Green Family Charitable Foundation

Davee Gunn & Virginia Burt

Gerry Hannochko and Cecelia Paolucci

Hon. Paul and Sandra Hellyer


Ilter Ibrahimof

Dr. Calvin Lei

Philip and Sherri Lieberman

Anna McCowan-Johnson and Donald K. Johnson, O.C.

Ned and Georgina McLennan

Karen Sparks

Inner Circle ($1,000 - $2,499) ​

Julia Blackburn and David Briskin

Andrea Burridge and Jordan Applebaum

Monica Calzaretto

John and Margaret Casey

Jodi Chapnik and Calla Chapnik

Neera Chopra

Mitchell Cohen and Janice Lewis

Earlaine Collins

Judi Conacher

Lisa A. Conway

Jeffrey Douglas and Steve Yeates

Dean and Rosemary Dover

Susan Dyer

Eileen Farrow

Alexandra Fawcett and Benjamin Robinson

Cheryl Ferguson

Lorne Fox

Barbara Frum

Colomba Fuller

Susan Lea Gerhard

A & E Giannelia

Mark and Louise Golding

Cara Grant

Irka Grant

Laura Hage

Peter Herrndorf

Wanda Ho

Ronald Holbrook

Denise Ireland and Harry Underwood

Krista Kerr

Curtis and Lori Link

Don and Loraine Loeb

Jan McCrae

Margaret McNee

Julie Medland

Diane Morgan

LJ Nagel and Stan Solomon

David Nash

Heather Ogden and Guillaume Côté

Ming Ou and Jim Hwang

Christine Ralphs

Diana Reitberger & Harry Beck

Stephanie Roberts and Kevin Hamilton

Robin Vaile Robinson

Sonia Rodriguez

Kate Schatzky and Shawn Kimel

Astrid Stec

Catherine Thompson

Caron Thorburn Institute

Lenore Walters

Valerie Wilder


Supporters ($499-$999)

Lynn Bevan

Frances Carmichael

Judith Gelber

Mary McCrae

Martin MacLachlan

Liza Murell

John Voigt

Beth Weintrop

Friends (up to $499)

Nancy Adler

Karyn Allen

Sherri Appell

Lynly and Trevor Bailie

Ioana Bala

Judy Baldwin

Kathryn Ball

Helena Birt

Alexandra Caverly-Lowery

Carly Chalmers

Joe Chapman

Judith C. Cole

Rita Davies

Rochelle Diamond

Nuala Doherty

Barbara Egerer

Margaret Egerer

Michael Ellis

Lesley Ferman

Nora Fleury

Sue-Anne Fox and David Goluboff

Christina Giannelia

Sandra Greenfeld

Doreen Gryfe

Anne Holloway

Tanya Howard

Henriette Katz

Lori Kiefer

Abhipsa Khadka

Sarah Lamb

Kevin Law and Jennifer Kropac

Karen Leitner

Andrea Lenczner

Elina Levina

Jeremy Loughton

Ruth Margles

Lesley Nichols

James O’Connor and Michael Taylor

Selma Odom

Rob Ogden

Sorina Oprea

Darwin Palma

Michelle Parson

Paula Perlmutar-Oretsky

Roberta and Leslie Robb

James Robertson

Ron Rosenes

David Seevaratnam

David Shaw

Suzanne Simzer

Bren Somers

Karyn Spiesman

Jane Spooner

Vicki St. Denys

Susanne Staer

Rosalie and Tom Starkey

Amy Stein

Allison Urowitz

Jillian Vanstone

Susan Vardon

Kathryn Walker

Frank Wania and Ying Lei

Karen Wierucki

Wendy Wright

Michelle Yeung

Laura Zizzo