Health & Safety

[updated May 2023]

We are grateful to return to live theatre performance and welcome you to the festival. 

FFDN respects every individual’s choice to wear a mask while in public. We recommend you wear a mask if:

In order to help minimize the spread and risk of COVID-19 and keep our patrons healthy, FFDN recommends the following

FFDN and our partner venue will ensure the cleanliness of all spaces as much as possible. Hand sanitizer and masks will be available on site at the venues which patrons are welcome to help themselves to.

Ultimately, every individual’s health and safety is important, and we strive to create a working environment in which everyone has agency, to make personal choices. It is not possible for an organization to ensure that no one participating in the festival will not test positive for COVID-19, or any other illness. It is everyone’s own individual responsibility to remain up-to-date on all government health/safety policies, measures, and restrictions.

Respectful Workplace

FFDN maintains respectful workplace practices where discriminatory and harassing behavior is not tolerated. Individuals engaged with FFDN, including artists, staff, contractors, and venue partners are expected to follow FFDN’s Code of Conduct. For more information, please contact General Manager Aviva Fleising by email at or call: 416-907-4334.