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Sara Mearns in "Cunningham Centennial Solos: Toronto" by Merce Cunningham at the AGO. Photo by Marlowe Porter.
Dynamically edited to make you feel like you’re in the Art Gallery of Ontario’s beautiful atrium and the historic Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre, in Ballet West's home of Salt Lake City, these limited time video releases are sure to illuminate the legacy of one of the most influential choreographers of the 20th century.

100 Years of Merce Cunningham



Be transported back to our 2019 AGO Live presentation, 100 Years of Merce Cunningham, set in the Art Gallery of Ontario's atrium, Walker Court. Featuring accompaniment by pianist Adam Tendler (NYC), in the style of John Cage.


Cunningham Centennial Solos: Toronto by Merce Cunningham

On April 16, 2019, to celebrate what would have been Merce Cunningham's 100th birthday, 100 solos choreographed by the modernist icon were presented live in New York, Los Angeles and London, as well as livestreamed online to the globe in "Night of 100 Solos: A Centennial Event". Cunningham Centennial Solos: Toronto presented a selection of these same solos to Toronto, in celebration of Merce's centenary year, as part of one of the first performances of Cunningham in Canada since 2010.



A newly recorded conversation between Ilter Ibrahimof, Fall for Dance North Artistic Director, Bojana Stancic, AGO Assistant Curator of Live Projects and Performance, and Dylan Crossman, of The Merce Cunningham Trust.



Changing Steps by Merce Cunningham

To be performed in any order, in any space and in any combination, Changing Steps consists of ten solos, five duets, three trios, two quartets, and two quintets. Eight dance artists from Ryerson School of Performance oscillate between performing these movements either in sequential fashion, one after another, or overlapped, with many of the individual dances taking place simultaneously.


Photo: Christian Allen in Cunningham Centennial Solos: Toronto by Merce Cunningham, arranged by Dylan Crossman, as part of "100 Years of Merce Cunningham" at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Photo by Marlowe Porter.



A Canadian Exclusive Presentation


Performed by Ballet West (Salt Lake City, USA)

Summerspace is indicative of Cunningham’s unique collaborative method, in which the score, the set design, and the choreography were created independently from each other. Together, the movement, music and décor give the effect of a balmy, summer day. Dressed in painted leotards, the dancers move about the stage in sudden bursts of speed and suspensions, zigzagging every which way, like flying creatures. The delicate music, at times sounds like bubbles of water rising to the surface, and at others, with a muffled rumble in the bass, like distant thunder.

Ballet West is one of a very few companies world wide to produce this fascinating exploration into movement, music, and art.


Photo: Ballet West Demi Soloist Josh Whitehead in Summerspace by Merce Cunningham. Photo by Beau Pearson.

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