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FFDN is Toronto’s premier professional international dance festival that exists to break boundaries and remove barriers.  

With pluralism and affordability at its core, FFDN celebrates, nurtures and amplifies established and emerging Canadian dance artists, creates global connections, and inspires future audiences to sustain the artform.



FFDN is committed to advancing pluralism* in the artform by building authentic, trust-based relationships with the broadly diverse artists and curatorial voices that shape our future. We are guided by the conviction that dance is for everyone and that the FFDN festival can offer affordable, inclusive and accessible entertainment. By bringing international dance to Toronto and Canadian dance to the world, we transcend borders, and create dialogue through this universal form of expression. 


FFDN believes in the future of dance and the potential of artists. We nurture artists by commissioning original works, presenting emerging and established artists together on the same program, and establishing year-round residency and mentorship opportunities.  We nurture audiences through our educational programming, including artists talks and podcasts, feature articles, and school programs.  Our international connections and professional development programs amplify Canadian talent globally, while our festival experience generates audiences for professional dance throughout the year. 


The FFDN festival is anticipated by audiences annually as an intergenerational, intercultural celebration of movement that brings down the house. By cultivating diverse partnerships with dance organizations and presenters, curatorial voices, venues, art service organizations and educational institutions we strengthen, enrich and celebrate the vibrant dance ecology of Toronto and of Canada.


*What is Pluralism?

"Diversity in society is a universal fact; how societies respond to diversity is a choice. Pluralism is a positive response to diversity. Pluralism involves taking decisions and actions, as individuals and societies, that are grounded in respect for diversity." (definition taken from Global Centre for Pluralism https://www.pluralism.ca/ )