Gibney Company Artists in Bliss. Photo by Whitney Browne.

HEARTBEATS: Signature Programme 1

Pulga Muchochoma (Toronto)
Gibney Company (New York)
Candoco Dance Company (London, UK)
Ballet BC (Vancouver)

Canadian Premiere

Toronto Debut

Live Music


Signature Programme 1

(+ HST and fees)

  • Oct 4 & 5
  • In-Person | Meridian Hall

Beautiful, complicated, liberating, powerful. Dance has a way of reaching the emotional depths inside of all of us. Through four distinct works, the diverse choreographic voices of HEARTBEATS: Signature Programme 1 approach themes of love and human connection from different angles, perspectives and dance forms. On our largest stage, co-presented with our longest running partner TO Live. HEARTBEATS is a thoughtful curation of pieces that revolve around one simple, yet commanding theme, human connection.


Our first mixed bill begins with a gripping solo work from Mozambique-born, Toronto-based artist Pulga MuchochomaMascara will have you on a journey of self-discovery, as you question what “masks” you wear in life and what purpose they serve. Presented with live music. 

From New York City, Gibney Company makes its Toronto debut with the Canadian premiere of Swedish choreographer Johan Inger’s work Bliss. Matching the feeling of the legendary “Köln Concert” by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett - free, soaring and ecstatic - Inger translates the iconic score into a beautifully crafted dance, sending not only listeners, but audience members into a state of bliss.

Another Toronto debut, Candoco Dance Company from London, UK, opens the second act of the evening with their newest commission, I think we should start over, an unforgettable duet by British dancemaker Jamaal Burkmar that uses podcasts and audio recordings to unravel the unique patterns of communication and musicality between two people. 

Closing out the evening, Ballet BC from Vancouver returns to the FFDN stage exploring emotion, love and connection in Heart Drive, a stunning ensemble work from Dutch choreographic duo, Imre and Marne van Opstal, who are taking the contemporary dance world by storm.

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Pulga Muchochoma in Mascara Photo by Bruce Zinger