Blue Head

By: Asisipho Malunga

When loneliness begins humming a quiet echo into your bones
When your heartache continues a song very gently into your soul
May you always remember you.

You are home
You who houses your soul
The one decorated with broken windows
The one plastered with layers of sorrow
And a foundation shook by circumstances, confusion and excuses
but still clinging to your grief.

May you always remember that even in those times, decorated as
you may be by the broken fragments that
Make you whole. Saturated as you may be by the tears that stain
your soul. Tired as you may be, cried dry as you are.

That you are and you are home.

Do not paint your walls in hues of blues, grey and black.
Choose different palettes rather to enlighten your home.
Furnish this home in joy. May it be as infinite as your fleeting
moments of sorrow.

Furnish it in quiet moments of solace meant for you and you alone.
Decorate, little girl. In giggles in warmth, in self-esteem and all the
things you continuously deny yourself
In hugs in love even in the desolate solace you so fiercely cling to.
Gift your home with the light you are always giving to others.
Decorate yourself in you, joyfully, broken, sometime whole,
apologetic, fiercely protective. Scatterbrained you. Always you.
And only you. Desolate is one thing you are not, neither are you
destitute. There is always home. You.