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Photo by Lenka Life Photography

What are they thinking? How do they do it?

Hear directly from the artists themselves about the impulses and inspirations behind their work. Develop your understanding of creative process and choreographic craft. Discover how collaborations form and ideas combine. FFDN’s popular artist talks move online as a series of discussions and unique encounters with festival artists. Find out what goes into a livestream production. Get the inside scoop on Bathtub Bran’s quirky talk show. Hear from dance students on their process with Bobbi Jene Smith. Meet Indigenous clean-water activist Autumn Peltier.

This is your chance to dig deeper into our festival programs.

Behind-the-Scenes, with the creative team from 'A Gathering'

Available On Demand until Oct. 25

The creative team behind 'a gathering' is joined by dancers from Ryerson School of Performance, to discuss this unique dance-on-film project, and unpack what it means to create and train in the midst of a pandemic. Moderated by Vicki St. Denys, Director of Dance, Ryerson School of Performance. Includes the full version of 'a gathering' after the discussion.

Photo by Matthew Placek

Future Forward, a conversation with our industry

Available On Demand until Oct. 25

How are arts organizations adapting and adjusting to our ‘new normal’? Join Toronto-based presenters and venue operators Nathalie Bonjour (Harbourfront Centre), Naomi Campbell (Luminato Festival), Ilter Ibrahimof (FFDN), Laurence Lemieux (Citadel + Compagnie) and Lynanne Sparrow (Canadian Stage) in a discussion about their current innovations in programming, their plans for the future, and how they hope to continue to support artists in these challenging times. Moderated by Charles Smith, Executive Director, CPAMO.

Photo by Lenka Life Photography

Red Talk, with Autumn Peltier

Available On Demand until Oct. 25

Known as a ‘water protector’ and as an international advocate for environmental protection, Autumn Peltier joins Red Sky Performance Artistic Director Sandra Laronde to discuss her extraordinary life that brings water, culture, and activism together. Autumn is a 15-year old Anishinaabe clean-water activist nominated three times for the International Children's Peace Prize. Co-presented with Red Sky Performance.

Photo of Autumn Peltier (left) by Linda Roy Ireva

An Afternoon of Poetry and Music

Available On Demand until Oct. 25

Join FFDN Associate Producer, Lily Sutherland in a relaxing conversation with cellist Arlen Hlusko about the making of [in]verse, with live readings by select dance artists featured in the album, accompanied by Arlen and her cello.

Photo by Cristina Cutts

In the Tub, with Bathtub Bran

Available On Demand until Oct. 25
(on FFDN Instagram)

Join Bran and FFDN Executive Producer, Michael Caldwell in the bathtub, for a lively discussion about the genesis of Bathtub Bran and the experience of reviving the series after a 5-year hiatus, for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation of the most recent six FFDN-produced episodes.

Photo by Lily Sutherland

2020 Signature Program, post-show conversation

Join us for a post-show conversation as part of the 2020 Signature Program livestream. Meet the choreographers from the six premiering works in our 2020 Signature Program, occurring immediately after the performance.

NOTE: available to Signature Program ticket holders only. Get tickets here.