The FFDN Podcast

Co-hosted by FFDN’s Artistic Director, Ilter Ibrahimof, and Turn Out Radio's Nicole Inica Hamilton, Mambo brings you behind-the-scenes dance encounters and conversations with FFDN artists and beyond.

Episode 1:
Santiago Rivera and Zack Martel in Conversation with Francisco Cruz

Francisco Cruz, Santiago Rivera and Zack Martel.

Zack Martel and Santiago Rivera, the dynamic circus duo known professionally as Solo un Duelo, in conversation with Francisco Cruz, a fellow circus performer they both admire.

From discovering circus at a young age, to attending the prestigious and singular National Circus School in Montreal, Quebec, and building a fruitful collaborative relationship. This episode of Mambo takes us inside the idiosyncratic world of contemporary circus!

Zack Martel and Santiago Rivera’s choreography was featured in this year’s, Heirloom, which was performed in St. Catharines, Toronto, Orillia and Peterborough.

Episode 2:
Karen Kaeja and Roshanak Jaberi in Conversation

Roshanak Jaberi and Karen Kaeja.


Collaborators Karen Kaeja and Roshanak Jaberi take a break from doing the final edits on their new dance film, Slipping, and sit facing each other on a loveseat in Karen’s Toronto home.

From this intimate setting they discuss their evolving collaboration and the creative process behind this latest work. Buildings burned down, loving matriarchs filled hungry stomachs and hearts, and fog was captured before disappearing into the day.

Slipping world premiered as part of FFDN's new short film series 8-Count with live screenings in Toronto on Sep 23 and 24, followed by free streaming on our website until Oct 8.

Episode 3:
Kimberley Cooper and Vicki Adams Willis in Conversation

Kimberley Cooper and Vicki Adams Willis.


Kimberley Cooper, the current Artistic Director of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, sits down with Vicki Adams Willis, one of DJD’s three founders, inside one of the studios at their beautiful new permanent building in downtown Calgary.

This convivial conversation touches on the history of the company, the history of Jazz dance in Canada more broadly, and Kimberley’s new work premiering at this year’s festival, Family of Jazz.

Family of Jazz was part of a double-bill presentation, alongside Margarita by Holla Jazz, with three in-person performances featuring live music in Toronto at the Theatre at the Creative School on Sep 30, Oct 1 and Oct 2.

Global audiences can enjoy the program from home, with a special film version directed by Miha Matevzic, and produced by FFDN until Oct 15. 

Episode 4:
Jera Wolfe and Kenneth Shirley in Conversation

Jera Wolfe and Kenneth Shirley


Jera Wolfe and Kenneth Shirley waste no time in this playful and insightful conversation, immediately jumping into talking about all their exciting dance endeavours of late.

Kenneth paints a picture of rehearsing with Indigenous Enterprise at an emptied out Jacob’s Pillow during the pandemic and Jera discusses his momentous new ballet, Arise, featuring over 100 dance students from Canada’s National Ballet School.

Indigenous Liberation was presented for two nights only on Oct 7-8 at the Theatre at the Creative School, while Jera's momentus ballet Arise was part of a mixed evening in FFDN's ARISE: 2022 Signature Programme at Meridian Hall, on Oct 6-8. 

Episode 5:
Dianne Montgomery and Michela Marino Lerman in Conversation

Michela Marino Lerman and Dianne Montgomery.


Tap performers and choreographers Dianne Montgomery and Michela Marino Lerman meet virtually for a conversation that begins by discussing each of their latest works, before venturing deeper into the heart of their creative processes.

They speak of the challenge of caring for oneself whilst exploring new creative horizons, and the importance of being grounded by ones daily practice and the simple act of dancing.

Dianne's FFDN commissioned new work Softly Losing, Softly Gaining was part of a mixed evening in FFDN's ARISE: 2022 Signature Programme at Meridian Hall, on Oct 6-8. 

Episode 6:
Kaleo Trinidad and Stanford Makishi in Conversation

Kaleo Trinidad and Stanford Makishi.


Stanford Makishi, Vice President of Programming at New York City Center for Fall For Dance NY, guides us through an enthralling conversation with one of Hawaii’s most esteemed Hula choreographers and educators, Kaleo Trinidad.

They talk about the history of Hula, the Merrie Monarch Festival, the sweet smell of sandalwood, and the central importance of story.

Kaleo's group from Honolulu, Ka Leo O Laka | Ka Hikina O Ka La, performed as part of a mixed evening in FFDN's ARISE: 2022 Signature Programme at Meridian Hall, on Oct 6-8.